We aim at protecting the data process involving sensitive personal data in a zero-knowledge encrypted platform and architecture for Clients and Regulated Professionals.

Why My Reflet?

Secured Blockchain

Compliance and Due Diligence secured by the Blockchain

Trusted Blockchain

Compliance and Due Diligence for the future of Blockchain

Confidential Documents

Business to Business solution to exchange and store securely confidential information and documents.

Data Protection for Clients and Professionals

Get digital certification from accredited professionals of your Know Your client Documents and share them securely with your regulated professionals as banks, lawyers, financial services providers, notaries, administration

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01 Tamper Proof Blockchain

Traceability and tamper proof on the blockchain: your data is not on the blockchain but data processing meta data is pseudanonymously registered on the blockchain and can be used as proof and for auditing purposes.

  • Encryption at rest
  • End to End Data encryption
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02 Multi Key Security Access

MultiKey security access: as any “ Safe in a Bank” our platform generates a secret key for each user login used with your private key to unlock your data access upon your access request

  • Your Data is encrypted/decrypted client side with your Private Key that you control.
  • We cannot access your data
  • No master key
  • No back door
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Choose What To Share And With Whom
Interact Securely With The World Of Compliance
Choose Your Level Of Accreditation
Comply With Regulations You May Be Subject To

Our Key Pillars

My Reflet in Future adoption will provide the capacity to be in compliance for any blockchain wallet with all existing and future regulation while maintaining the Blockchain freedom and ecosystem specificity.

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